50,000th PET Celebration on Thursday, April 16 at Columbia shop

PET MO-Columbia update 3-17-15 PETs built to date in year 2015: 287

I am so pleased that we can, working with PET International, give
attention to those individual “least of these” persons who are in need
of mobility. Here is a story to illustrate:

For several years we had a PET volunteer named Betty Lou Dotson. She
moved away but kept her loyalty to PET. Yesterday she wrote:

“Do you remember that several years ago I brought a lady from Vietnam to
the PET workshop. She was interested in getting a PET for a friend in
Saigon who is leg handicapped. She crawls to the street out front and
hitch-hikes on a passing motorcycle to get to work in a factory.”

So, several years later we may be able to get a PET to the lady. I
passed this message on to Von Driggs, our Director of Operations
(Logistics) for PET International, and he sent the name and address and
telephone number of the woman in need to our PET contact for the
shipment that is on the way there now.


News release to the media: PET International announces the production
of the 50,000th PET (Personal Energy Transportation) cart. A celebration
will be held at noon on Thursday, April 16, at the PET Mobility Project
factory at 1908 Heriford Rd., in Columbia? The Chamber of Commerce
will be on hand for a ribbon cutting of the specially made 50,000 PET.
See full release attached. Come join us.


Now, another topic. It is garden time here in Missouri. Our coldframe is
filled with kale, chard, lettuce and onions. Spinach planted last fall
will soon be ready to eat.

If you have not discovered chard give it a try. It can be eaten green
in a salad, like spinach, or cooked as a side dish. Get a pot about
12″ wide and 12″ deep, fill with good soil (make sure it drains) and
put four or five of the chard plants now available into it.

Keep in the sun, water as needed. When it gets to be about 10″ or 12″
high, cut and eat. It will grow back all summer and into fall. I gave
Roger and Donna Hofmeister a pot of it two years ago and they ate on it
all summer.


“It is not enough to be industrious, so are the ants. What are you
industrious about?” – Henry David Thoreau

Mel West

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