PET partner “Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil” advertises mobility distribution in Ecuador

Google Translation:

The JBG has Carros PET to donate

The Board expects that stakeholders come to their offices

The Welfare Board Guayaquil is looking of poor people resources and problems mobility to donate one means of locomotion.

They are better known as Carros PET (Personal Energy Transportation) that help in mobilizing people adults with disabilities driving in the lower limbs (Legs) and have with three rubber tires air filled replaceable and a system of catalina to be pedaled with arms.

They are built in a mixed form, its base is metal and wooden crate, allowing a slight movement. They have a handbrake made of metal that immobilizes
the chair in its entirety giving operator safety.

PET are the carts 168 Guayaquil Welfare Board received for donation. Those interested should attend to the central office in 109 Vélez and Pedro Carbo, third floor, Department of Foreign Affairs. ROMO

Assistance. The cars are made wood and metal.


One Reply to “PET partner “Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil” advertises mobility distribution in Ecuador”

  1. Thank you. We are most grateful to Pet International for this wonderful donation- !68 Personal Energy Transportation – PET – for people who do can not walk. They usually use PETS to go around selling their merchandise such as vegetables and fruits. This is mainly in rural zones or outskirts of cities. We will be distributing them on April 16. The President of Pet Internacional, Mr. Kirby Goering, will come to visit us in Guayaquil, Ecuador and to attend to this first distribution. We are delighted !

    Isabel Valdez de Escala
    Director of Foreign Relations
    Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil

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