PET is compelled to help our neighbors in need of mobility

PET MO-Columbia update 2-23-15: Built to date, 196


*** We are a people propelled by the FAITH that the day will come when no
person on this Earth will be compelled to crawl upon the ground, or be
carried about, because of leg handicaps.

*** We build upon the FAITH that a world that can construct mechanical and
electrical devices to respond to our every whim and need, can also build the
devices, both simple, and complicated, to give freedom of mobility to all
its citizens.

*** We act in support of a FAITH that tells us that the gift of mobility is
one of those inherent rights alongside life, liberty and the pursuit of

*** We work with the FAITH that every individual, regardless of age, race,
income, situation or status, can do something to help provide the gift of
mobility for someone in need of such.

*** We act with the FAITH that it is the height of human character to be
willing to give something of ones-self to aid a neighbor in need.

*** We work with the FAITH that every world religion, in the core of its
scripture, asks for and supports active caring for those whom one calls “the
least of these.”

*** On this FAITH we stand. We can do no other.

Mel West


“How can we profess faith in God’s world and then refuse to let it inspire
and direct our thinking, our activity, our decisions, and our
responsibilities toward one another.” – Pope John Paul II

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