Organization in Nicaragua helps leg disabled like PET

PET MO-Columbia update 2-9-15 PETs built to date: 135

A friend and PET partner in Nicaragua sent me via the web a long article
on the work of the POLUS Center for Social and Economic Development in
Nicaragua. The report is focused in their wheelchair program, funded under
the USAID’s War Victim’s Fund.

“As a philosophy POLUS believes that the full integration of people with
disabilities depends upon comprehensively addressing both social and
economic needs. In practice, this means that every POLUS program builds upon
the next one”.

This has not been a large program and was centered around Leon, where we
have sent some PETs. In cooperation with another program they report
micro-loan projects for leg-handicapped persons in wheelchairs. One is the
Ben Linder Cafe, in Leon. Another was a chicken farm. Others included a
plant nursery and a fish farm.

The main goals as announced were/are:

(1) Increase the mobility of persons with disabilities.

(2) Increase economic opportunities and social inclusion, and

(3) Mobilize grassroots community organizations.

This was not a large project. In three years they distributed 296
wheelchairs. The leg handicaps listed were:

*** 46 cerebral palsy

*** 65 diabetes

*** 51 arthritis

*** 46 meningitis

*** 1 spina bifida

*** 41 polio

*** 21 accidents

It is easy to see that this project, if still active, has much in common
with PET. I am copying the report to Von Driggs, Director of Operations at
PET International, and I know he will try to discover how PET, Rainbow
Network and POLUS might work together. It is good to know that there are
others in Nicaragua “whose hearts are as our hearts.”


“Any time the sun comes up in the East, it is going to be a good day!” – MEW

Mel West

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