PET sighting in Senegal, Africa

PET MO-Columbia update 1-19-15 #64

2015JanuarySenegalLogistics is the science of moving items from one place to another, and
was a skill I had to learn when I developed PET, for the PETs were destined
for unique and far-away places. Gary has learned well, and tomorrow will be
a test.

He reports that at 8:00 a.m. a container will be loaded with PETs, fabric
and linens, crutches, walkers and a wheelchair. At 10:00 another container
backs up to the dock and will be loaded. In the meantime a load of PETs
from Leighton, IA, comes in to be reloaded into a container. Smaller PET
shops cannot ship out full containers.

A hitch in the plans often develops when the trucker is late to arrive,
and volunteers who come to load stand around waiting. Veterans United, a
local company, is providing some of the volunteers for tomorrow.

Then the last of the week more PETs arrive from Moundridge, KS., and
Aurora, MO, to be offloaded to India, hopefully soon.


*** Another PET sighting: A week ago as I went to the “Forum” discussion
class at the UU Church; the Director of Education stopped me and gave me a
photo of her standing alongside a man on a PET in Senegal. She had recently
been there and sighted the PET. She said she told the man she came from
where they were produced, and he jokingly said, “Would they come over and
repaint my PET.” His PET was actually made by another PET Affiliate and not
in Columbia. It appeared to have had a lot of use, but was still in good
working condition. (see attached picture)

(If you are on a mission, business or leisure trip and see a PET, please
meet the recipient. If possible take a picture, note disability, and see if
there is a vinyl sticker that gives info on production site and year or
number. Ask them how the PET has served them/held up. We will share it.
Kathy Maynard)


“Lord, where we are wrong, make us willing to change; where we are right,
make us easy to live with.” Peter Marshall

Mel West

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