How do PET recipients make use of their PETs?

PET MO-Columbia Update: 1-13-15

PET International sent a young woman to Guatemala to travel and
discover how PET recipients made use of their PET, how the PET held up, and
other helpful information. Here are some briefs:

***Bernaber Gonzalez rides and works out of his PET every day. He makes
brooms and sells them out of his PET at the market, which is an hour ride

*** Peris Lucas rides her PET to the river and is able to bathe daily.

*** Vincete Excobar Cardona, a man without legs, is now able to farm and go
to the market daily.

*** Yeyson Calel is able to ride to see his grandmother’s daily. He rides to
neighbors houses and picks up children to take them to school.

***Sesa Promae is a preacher and on his PET is able to visit church

*** Victor Antonio Martinez is a mechanic and rides his PET to work daily.
He can also transport fuel in the back of his PET.

*** Rodolph Cu uses his PET to sell ice cream to provide income for him and
his family.

*** Mario Yenber is a sales and news promoter around Tecum Amun. He uses his
PET to promote local stores. He has been able to make enough money to
support him and his mother.

*** Louis Mario rides his PET to and from school. He is able to participate
in school activities with his friends because of the PET.

*** Eliseo Elias Dias has built a sturdy rack on his PET and is able to haul
and sell enough firewood to support his family.

*** Don Miguel has also built a large rack on his PET and is able to sell
fish and firewood in the area.

*** Chiantia is seven years old and is able to go to school because of her

*** Adrian Mato Ramone works at a Pizza shop. He rides his PET to work and
works at the shop sitting on his PET.

(See attached full report with pictures. Many were made in Columbia (all
unpainted, treated wood adult crank PETs, unless painted by recipient), but
some are from other shops. This report includes older and newer PETs with
the new more adjustable and padded seat. Kathy)


We have found that PET recipients have a strong motivation to use their PET
not only for their own mobility, but to use it in ways that benefits their
family, church and community.


“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full
victory.” Mohandas Gandhi.

Mel West

Local foundation fundraiser:

COMOGives .org is run by a local foundation for the city of Columbia and
Boone County. This was their 2nd year in trying to bring awareness and
funds to local area non-profit in Dec. only. They raised 4 times the amount
than in 2013. PET was one of #53. Thanks to all of you who shared
about this giving opportunity /gave thru this online fundraiser. Even
though we didn’t qualify for one of the foundation’s grant prizes, we did
receive $6,859 thru #55 donors. That’s enough for one week’s production.
We are off to a great start in 2015! Kathy Maynard

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