PET Donors have special connection and dedication

PETs built since 1-1-14 – #1230

One of the most inspirational things I have done in the last 49 years has
been to raise funds for mission projects. Some was for projects I had
started, and some was for ongoing projects such as Heifer, Habitat, ECHO,
CWS, The Festival of Sharing, and others. As money came in I wrote a
personal thank-you letter to the donors, and often got to know them as
individuals and not just as check-writers. With some I have developed an
ongoing relationship through the little notes (or longer ones) that
accompanied our mailings. I have been inspired, challenged and humbled by
the donors to the projects I have promoted. I have reminded myself that no
person had to write that check. They wrote it out of compassion for people,
and out of trust that I said it was a good project. They had many other ways
to spend that money, but they chose that particular project.

Let me tell you just a few stories that are special to me:

*** She and her husband invested many years in overseas mission, and soon
after retirement back in the USA she developed cancer.

She was a regular donor to PET and I assumed the checks might stop. They did
not, continuing almost to the day of her death. Her check was always
accompanied by a handwritten page of family news and of hospital trips. Her
pain did not keep her from sharing with others.

*** A friend about my age moved to another state, but wrote me when he moved
that he had set a personal goal of raising the money for 200 PETs. He did,
and died. What a great legacy!

*** I met a new friend “J” when we were in rehab together after my heart
surgery, 12 or so years ago. He was in a wheelchair for the rest of his
life, so PET attracted him. He began to give very generous checks to PET,
and last week we received his annual gift.

*** A couple with whom I worked in the church began 12 years or more ago to
support PET with monthly checks of $100 or more. He died recently and his
widow continues their legacy.

*** There are a number of grandparent couples (and singles) who regularly
send generous checks in honor of their grandchildren. I have watched their
children grow up through those gifts. A few years ago it was in honor of a
boy or girl, now it honors couples and their children.

*** Small membership churches often inspire me, with their four-figure
checks that far exceed, per member, the gifts of larger churches.

*** A woman in Rochester, MN, heard about PET and several years ago began to
promote and raise money in her community. Each time we receive a check with
that zip code we know who promoted PET there.


The checks that come are not just pieces of paper transferring dollars.
They are symbols of the very heart and soul of the person whose name is in
the corner. Faced with other personal needs and desires, and with almost
countless requests from other good causes, they have chosen PET in which
to invest their dollars. They trust PET to build and ship a quality mobility
device that will enhance the lives of those whose pictures we show them.
We take that very seriously, and as a minister I have no task more sacred
than to make that connection.


“A thankful heart is not only a great virtue, but the parent of all other
virtues.” Cicero

Mel West

*** Another way to help if you are ordering online thru Amazon for Christmas
and beyond. Please choose PET Missouri Columbia, Inc. as your charity of
choice the first time thru their Smile page. It only takes a minute or two
to set up. Just enter thru the bookmarked Smile page then after and order
as usual. You will see your name and PET at the top every time without any
extra effort from you. Thanks, Kathy Maynard

AmazonSmile Foundation – We are an approved charity on this benefit. To
choose to support PET Missouri Columbia Inc as your designated charity, go
to When ordering from Amazon, go
through then proceed as usual. Once you choose PET, remembers for you when entering through the Smile web page
each time.

Amazon donates .5% of purchase of eligible products to charitable
organizations selected. Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are
eligible for donations. You will see eligible products marked “Eligible for
AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages. Amazon will auto
deposit donations into our bank account quarterly when a minimum of $5.00
has accumulated.

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