So many ways you can give PETs

PET UPDATE: 11-16-14 PETs built since 1-1-14 #1260

“Tis the season to be giving!” Today I rang the bell by the Salvation Army
kettle at a local grocery store. It was a busy afternoon and it
seemed that about 2/3 of folks who passed by put in money, mostly
greenbacks. I saw parents and grandparents handing the money to small
children so they could put it in — a good way to start teaching the joy of
giving. As customers came out with shopping carts filled with expensive
food, it seemed only natural to share a bit with the less fortunate. Our
Rotary Club rings bells each year.

Alternative giving is beginning at PET. This past week a $500.00 check
came from a couple who do this each year. The gift is in honor of their
children, now all married. They are friends of mine, and agree with the idea
that we all have far more “stuff” than we need, and that a gift that helps
the less fortunate is entirely in accord with the spirit of Christmas.

PET MO-Columbia receives about 1/4 to 1/3 of its income during the last
two months of the year. For those of us who send out the thank-you letters
and deposit the funds, it is a happy and busy time. Keep ’em coming.

(Go to our Help page to see a list of ways you can give to further the PET
mission of rugged mobility for those most in need.

You can also donate stock which will be sold and used to build and ship more
PETs. Brokerage transfer information can be sent to you.

Are you an employee for the state of MO?

Would you like to start giving by monthly auto debits? It only costs us .10
additional per month for each new donor. We can send a receipt monthly or

Are you part of the Lutheran Thrivent system? If yes, choose PET
MO-Columbia next time. They deposit gifts into our account monthly.

See list for more ideas. We need your help to simply keep up the current
#28 PETs produced each week. Although we’d like to build to our capacity at
about #50 PETs per week if we had the additional support. Kathy Maynard,
Business Administrator)


This week I will be in Nicaragua with Rainbow Network. We will dedicate
two new housing projects of 25 houses each. One will be paid for by a
church near Kansas City. Families who will own the houses have lived in mud
and stick dirt-floored hovels. They built the new houses and will pay for
them in monthly payments. Rainbow has enabled about 1,000 families to build
new houses.


While in Nicaragua I will also be helping start a PET/Rainbow project to
enable every leg-handicapped person of the 50,000 Rainbow Network folks to
become mobile. In addition to providing mobility devices (wheelchairs, PETs,
walkers, canes, crutches, etc.), we are moving to provide accessibility and
acceptability. This is new territory and a model-building project for PET.


“The habit of giving only enhances the desire of giving.” Whitman

Mel West

One Reply to “So many ways you can give PETs”

  1. Thank you for building so many PETs and getting them in the hands of the poor. I am on the PET-Kansas board, and my husband and I take PETs to Ethiopia annually with our McPherson College (KS) students.
    Last week we were caught by surprise when a student services group on campus asked us to come to their meeting. Here, they had set up a competition, with the prize being a free trip for the winner to go with us to Ethiopia and help deliver PETs! What a fabulous opportunity for a lucky student.
    Apparently, past student travelers on our trips talked about delivering the PETs so much that the group felt it was be a great incentive for service. My husband and I agree … PET develops a passion for service.

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