Seun Oke tour of 3 Texas PET places

[From PET Austin November 2014 Newsletter]

During her tour sponsored by PET International, Seun Oke spent October 22 through October 27 in the state of Texas.

We picked up Seun and Mary Frantz (her PET-International traveling companion) at the airport and then made a quick stop at the TyRex PET shop, which Seun really enjoyed. Both Seun and Mary then went to their hotel for a little rest before starting their Lone Star state activities — which included a trip to the Salt Lick that evening in order to get acquainted with Texas.

Image3On October 23, we traveled to San Antonio where she visited the zoo and was honored at a luncheon at the PET-San Antonio shop. It was a real eye-opener to see someone that has used a PET for over 10 years in action – Seun made it look effortless.

Image4On October 24, Seun was honored at a luncheon in Bryan, Texas, sponsored by PET-Brazos Valley. Bryan’s state representative awarded Seun with a certificate declaring her an honorary Texas citizen and presented her with a state flag that had been flown over the Capitol in Austin.

Image5Seun then had a shopping day on October 25, as she experienced the Round Rock Outlet Mall (thank you to Dianne Skinnell). Following the shopping excursion, Seun was taken to a reception in her honor at Bethany UMC. There Seun found a new friend in Susan Lamb. Seun was the last recorded case of polio in Nigeria, while Susan was one of the last recorded cases of polio in the United States. I think both ladies will agree, they formed a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Image6Wrapping up her trip on Oct. 26, Seun talked to the combined Sunday School Classes at Bethany UMC. There she impressed everyone with stories of her life, including her hardships and triumphs. During this service, PET-Austin collected love offerings in order to send a container of PETs (160 to 176) to Nigeria in Seun’s honor. Over $2,400 of the $4,800 required to accomplish this goal was collected that day and donations continue to arrive. PET-Austin is working with the Assembly of God Medical Mission in Nigeria, which has distributed PETs in the past and will act as our receiving / distribution partner.

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