Hands of Mercy deliver PET cart to Stephen in South Sudan

DSCN0198“I am back from South Sudan and sent you a picture of the one PET we took over a year ago to Stephen, a man served at Hands of Mercy. The PET vehicle has held up well in Ssudan climate and I am trying to find a way to get more over there.”


One Reply to “Hands of Mercy deliver PET cart to Stephen in South Sudan”

  1. Hello, Pat. My husband and I had the same problem when we wanted to get a PET to Ethiopia. We tried to send one over to a young man we saw on our first trip there, but when it arrived in the country, it got stuck in customs, and it cost as much as the PET was worth (about $250) to get it out.
    We learned in Ethiopia to proceed in this way. However it is probably somewhat different in other countries. I think the best way to do it is to check out churches that have missions there and see how they send their things. That way, you’ll get it right the first time. We’ve been back to Ethiopia five times since that original visit, and we always take PETs with us.
    Here is what we do in Ethiopia. Sudan will be different but, probably, similar. Do find someone who deals with the country and get it straight from them.
    For Ethiopia, this is our procedure:
    1. Recipients have to be pre-identified.
    2. We had to send someone to find three people who knew the potential recipient, and then each of them had to write a letter of reference for the recipient.
    3. The envoy had to take a photo of the disabled person to prove he (or she) had need of a PET.
    4. The three letters of reference had to be taken to the local Kebele (head of the disabled person’s jurisdiction) . The kebele reads the three letters of reference and then gives you official papers to get the PET out of customs.
    5. The official papers must be taken to the airport to claim the PETs.
    6. That was it. We had a test case of one PET in the beginning, and it taught us the procedure.
    Since you already got one PET over to Sudan, you are already aware of what it takes to get a PET delivered. I wish you well in your mission.

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