PET Place as a recycling center

UPDATE: 11-4-14 PETs built since 1-1-14 1200


I sometimes describe 1908 Heriford, Columbia, MO, as a major “recycling center.” This morning, for example, a large printing company called to ask if we could use 32,000 sheets of 19″x25″ 80# gloss cover paper. That is four pallets of very expensive paper. I called Delbert Groves, whose NewLifeCenter in Zambia does printing for Christian groups in that part of Africa. He will be utterly delighted to get that gift and put it to good use.

Day after day folks stop in to donate wheelchairs, clothing, shoes, office supplies, sewing machines, fabric, sewing notions, clean & dry gallon milk jugs and tin cans (for packing of PETs), PET parts, hand tools, school desks, walkers, crutches, canes, ,money, toys, etc. We put all to good use.

But the most important part of our recycling effort is to recycle the skills and energies of volunteers. Knowledge, skills, experiences, energies and insights of our volunteers that would otherwise be put to lesser use or wasted are channeled into providing the wonderful GIFT OF MOBILITY AND HOPE for thousands of God’s “least of these.” That is why PET Place is such a happy place. Our volunteers know that they are giving their best efforts to
help some of those most in need.

But the recycling does not stop there. The lives of those who receive the PETs or other mission goods through The Container Project are also recycled. Lives that would otherwise be, in a sense, wasted are given new possibilities. Those who may have been crawling upon the ground for many years get a PET made by “recyclers” and arise to a new life of hope,
mobility, pride, dignity and productivity.

So, if you come this way, tell folks you have gone to the recycling center!


Humility and pride in poor clothes exceed pride and ignorance in costly attire.”
William Penn

Mel West

*** On Monday a combined shipment went to a new partner, Brother’s Brother
Foundation in Pittsburgh. 20 child/small PETs, 42 adult/large PETs, 1
pallet hospital linens, and 1 pallet medical supplies are destined to
several countries in Africa.

*** “Myths About the World’s Poor” by Bill & Melinda Gates from their
Foundation annual letter in the 9/2014 Reader’s Digest:

They start off by saying what Mel has been saying that the world has
gotten better. “….the world is better off…Extreme poverty has been
cut in half over the past 25 years,…So why do so many people seem to
think things are getting worse?” Then they list 3 myths.

“..1. Poor Countries Are Doomed to Stay Poor – Incomes and other measures
of welfare are rising almost everywhere” They report on some specific
places to give examples of improvements.

“2. Foreign Aid Is a Waste – We worry about this myth. It gives leaders an
excuse to cut back on aid-and that would mean fewer lives saved and more
time before countries can become self-sufficient.” They talk about
investing, saving lives and long-term progress.

“3. Saving Lives Leads to Overpopulation – ..When more children survive,
parents decide to have smaller families.” They go into details using
Thailand as an example.

I say great that extreme poverty has been cut in half. There is still the
other half, still buried landmines, still diseases and birth defects.
Mission work and PET are still needed in a big way.

Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator

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