PET & World Vision change lives in Malawi with The Gift of Mobility

MalitaThere was hand clapping and ululating on Friday, 30th May 2014 at Jairosi Village, GVH Kampani, sub T/A Ndakwera, Kunyinda as World Vision Malawi together with MACOHA handed over PET carts to two women from this village. The wheel chairs were sourced from World Vision Malawi’s GIK Department. Group village headman Kampani, Village head Jairosi & Nashaweni and the Program Manager were among those attending the ceremony.

Then World Vision Malawi ,Kunyinda ADP Program Manager, Arnold Tsalayekha addressed the gathering before handing over the wheel chairs, he said that World Vision is a Christian organization that works with the children, the poor and oppressed and saw it necessary to support the two physically challenged women in Ndakwera after getting a request from MACOHA. The two women who received the wheel chairs are Malita Biliati aged 47 and Migress Kampaliro aged 50. Another World Vision official Regde Nyirenda demonstrated on how to use the PET carts. The whole gathering clapped hands as Mrs. Kampaliro and Biliyati were using their PET carts for the first time after 3 and 8 years respectively.

Malita Billiati being assisted by community members
Malita Billiati being assisted by community members

A story of Malita Biliyati: Malita Kampaliro is a woman in her late fifties. She lives in Jairosi village, Group Kampani, T/A Lundu. She is a widow with 5 children. Since her legs are paralyzed, she depends on her older children and relatives to provide for the family. She was born normal according to her. Eight years ago, she felt something around her waist and legs. After this, her legs were paralyzed. She cannot move but her legs feel hot. She also feels something inside her leg. She spends the whole day seated as in the picture. If nobody is around, she cannot get anything that is far from her as movement is impossible. Her children make sure that everything is around her if they are leaving for something. “My hands are strong and I can push a wheelchair. I may do some other things which I can’t do now”, She said.

Migress Kampaundi on her new PET cart
Migress Kampaundi on her new PET cart

The two women stressed that their life will now change as they will now be able to go the church , go to the market and also be able to visit their garden, the two women said that they were not able to move from one place to the other due to the paralysed legs but this is now the thing of the past, they promised to take good care of the wheel chairs

On her part Village head Jairosi commended World Vision and MACOHA and assured that she will make sure that the beneficiaries are taking good care of the PET carts. She also encouraged villagers to help the two women by pushing the PET cart if they are going the same direction.

Finally, Group Village head Kampani advised the beneficiaries to make sure that children are not playing with their PET carts.

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