Celebrating 20 years of PET

PET MO-Columbia update 10/13/14
PETs built since 1-1-14 #1,109

IT WAS TIME TO CELEBRATE !!! and we did!!! Twenty years ago the seed was planted for PET Mobility Project, and like the seed in Jesus’s parable, it has grown into a large tree. We had so much to celebrate:

*** WE CELEBRATED THE PRODUCTION OF 48,000 PETs. That would be a line of
PETs forty-eight miles long. Imagine you driving along an interstate highway, and for forty-eight miles all you saw in the right hand lane were PETs, bumper to bumper. A great variety of people from 100 countries of the world would be cranking away. Their leg-handicaps would have been caused by a wide variety of factors– polio, landmines, birth defects, work and war injuries, leprosy, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, etc. What an amazing sight. (See
attached countries list and reasons)

*** WE CELEBRATED 48,000 CHANGED LIVES: Each one of those 48,000 PET drivers
rose to a new life of hope, dignity, pride and productivity. Their families and communities were also favorably impacted by the joy and hope it gave them to see the life of one of their own improved. Caretakers were relieved of much of their burden.

*** WE CELEBRATED THE ARRIVAL OF SEUN OKE, FROM NIGERIA, AS A REPRESENTATIVE AND SYMBOL OF PET RECIPIENTS. We fell in love with this charming young woman as she told the story of her relationship with Dr. Tina Slusher and
the impact of PET upon her life, beginning nine years ago.

They came from across the USA and around the world, telling their story and sharing with others. PET distributors, NGOs, came from the front lines of mission to tell first-hand the impact of our work. To me, this was most important and exciting. Volunteers who build PETs in our shops had the opportunity to talk with those who place them in the hands of the

Our son, who has been involved in international business all his life, was highly impressed by the quality of our volunteers.

*** WE CELEBRATED OUR FUTURE: We will continue to “join hands with those whose hearts are as ours.” We will push forward a three-fold commitment to “Mobility, Accessibility and Acceptability.” We will focus more on developing ongoing relationships between a particular PET Affiliate and an NGO recipient area. WE SEE THE PROMISED LAND OF MOBILITY FOR ALL LEG-HANDICAPPED. None of us will live to see it, but were are proud to be on the march toward it. In God’s name, we can do no other.


“It can never be a perfect day until we have done something for someone else, expecting nothing in return.” Anon.

Mel West

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