Seun, PET recipient, will be at the PET conference this week!

PET UPDATE: 10-6-14 PETs built since 1-1-14 #1,109

This is an exciting week at PET MO-Columbia. We are hosting the Annual
Conference of PET International, and celebrating the 20th anniversary of
PET’s beginning. Twenty years ago missionary Larry Hills (he and his wife
were serving in war-torn Zaire) asked me to build a “three-wheeled, hand
cranked, sturdily built wheelchair, with hauling capacity, that would
traverse the terrible roads and trails of the developing world”.

I came home and turned to my friend Earl Miner, with whom I had worked in
developing machines for the third world. We went through several
proto-types, and sent Larry four, asking him to put them in the worst place
to see if they were what he needed. They were. Production began in my
garage, and a church was used as a warehouse.

The project grew, and others wanted to help build PETs. Larry and Laura
started the second Affiliate at Penney Farms, Florida. As others joined in,
we started PET International in 2004 for the purpose of maintaining quality,
to share in shipping, and to purchase parts together. We have now shipped
46,000 plus units to 100 countries.

Now, at our 20th year we will celebrate the past and look into the
future. I am to make a major talk tomorrow morning on my vision for PET for
the next 20 years.

Nigeria Seun Oke arrives in MO United Access van Sept 2014A very bright spot in the program will be meeting Seun Oke, from Nigeria. She has polio, and received a PET 9 years ago. She is an utterly amazing 28 year old woman who is an inspiration from the moment one meets her. (See attached picture of Seun with new friends in MO in front of the donated
United Access van. The van’s use is donated for her 2 month stay in the US. We are appreciative of all the persons and companies who are assisting in her visit to tell her PET story.)

About 100 folks from across the nation will be here. If you chance to
meet one, thank them for providing the GIFT OF MOBILITY AND HOPE to some of
God’s “least of these.”

Reminder for those who have registered for the special Celebration Dinner,
it is at the Peachtree Banquet Center at 120 E Nifong Blvd Ste D on Tuesday
6 pm. The center does not face Nifong, but is back behind a gas station.

** West on E Nifong Blvd 1 block from Providence

** South/Left on Monterey Dr. 1 block

** Peachtree Banquet Center on the Right


“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T.

Mel West

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