Haiti sickle cell anemia patient receives The Gift of Mobility

cid_D1D60F4D-C56F-495A-85C4-7E36D470A6C6 cid_33A57520-267E-4F7C-B221-44D734FF0C65cid_91EA76A7-3443-41F9-9AE7-8607D184B114Ismael Bassisni is a sickle cell anemia patient that lost his ability to walk a few years ago due to extreme muscle wasting, sores caused by the sickled cells. We see this a lot in Haiti in men with untreated sickle cell. He is otherwise healthy and desires to work, be productive, and enjoy life. When he heard about the PET he was so excited! He lives in an area that is flatter and has more paved streets nearby. This was a huge concern for us in finding a recipient for the PET. If a person lives in a tiny dirt floor house in a hilly rocky area they would not be able to take advantage of all the PET can offer. Mr. Bassisni lives in a town called Bon Ropo near Mission of Hope and he will be able to use this to get around the city.

Thank you so so much!

Barbara Campbell
Director, North American Medical Operations
Mission of Hope, Haiti

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