PET MO-Columbia update 8/25/14

PETs built since 1-1-14 916

This story is from our files, but the first part of the story is

“Garen spent two years in a hospital. His wound was so severe that he was
transferred to the International Red Cross for better treatment. For his
bravery and dedication Garen was presented with several medals and awards
from the Armenian government.

Now Garen, his wife and two children, all live in a house with a little
garden Garen cares for. “I always wanted to be able to grow things and feel
myself capable of providing something for my family. Unfortunately, on a
regular wheelchair those things were impossible,” said Garen, “But now it
has all changed.”

Garen received a PET from PET and AmeriCares. Because of this new gift,
Garen is now able to do things that seemed completely impossible before. He
drives to his garden all on his own. He carries his tools in the PET hauling
space and hauls his produce back. In addition, he enjoys simply riding in
his cart in the garden right after a rain to get some fresh air.

The new cart inspired Garen to start applying for a job. He realized he
is mobile now. “I am sure I will be able to ride to my work. The PET is
light, fast and easy to navigate. It also keeps me in good physical shape
and active.”

He said, “I want to thank everyone again for the work they do to help
people, making their lives easier, and giving them hope.”


*** A Tai Chi group here in Columbia makes regular donations to PET.

*** The National United Methodist Campers Association – West MO #3
delivered, last week, 517 lovely hand-made wooden toys that are soon to be
on their way to the children of Rainbow Network in Nicaragua thru The
Container Project. This is an annual gift from them for at least the last 7
years. They are also large donors to PET and have had us present when they
hosted the national gathering in MO.


*** ” People who grow up without money know how to manage poverty. They
seldom know how to manage wealth.”- Edgar Stoesz

Mel West


*** Philippines: See attached presentation & Thank You showing
detailed pictures on PET recipients in the Philippines thru a new partner.
Because of all our supporters, this report is possible. Cover email excerpt
from our new distribution partner in IN who shipped the PETs there.

“Dear Gary, Hope all is well with you and PET-Columbia!

…As you may recall, it was recommended to us from one of our contacts in
the Philippines, that the container of PETs loaded at your warehouse be
Consigned to the Department of Health who would oversee their distribution
to disabilities agencies throughout the country. Although we received lots
of Request forms (a single page that identified the individual requesting
the PET cart, the nature and origin of their disability, where they lived
and little bit about their personal background), we have not been getting
follow-up pictures of individuals receiving their PET cart.

Then this wonderful person named Maribel Sison (who is a Rotarian that
coordinated with the local Department of Social Welfare and Disabilities to
see that specified individuals received a PET cart) provided this report.
As you can see, she did an excellent job of giving narrative and photos
showing the individuals receiving their PET and a little about their

..Hope to be able to provide more follow-up such as this.

Kind regards, Jessica Settle, Director, UNIVERSAL HEART

*** PET distribution trip to Guatemala reminder: We have several signed up
to go, but have room for some more.

Barbara and Jeff Moran would like to organize a PET distribution trip to
Guatemala the week of January 11 – 17, 2015. These dates are somewhat
flexible. But it would be an opportunity to spend a week in a tropical
paradise doing good work during the middle of a Missouri winter. If you are
interested in this trip, please contact Barbara ( and/or
Jeff ( Your main lodging with and host will be
Hope Haven International.

*** New need of tape rolls for shipping boxes: PET shop is running low on
shipping tape after a large donation was received 2 years ago. Does
anyone have a contact to purchase bulk rolls of a
medium to heavy duty shipping tape. We use about 8 rolls a week. (Think
big rolls that go on tape guns.)

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