PET MO-Columbia update 8/11/14 — volunteers needed at the shop

PETs built since 1-1-14 841

*** Shop help needed:

Here’s the predicament. We do not have enough volunteers to complete all
the tasks to ready parts for the Assembly shifts.

Here is what we need:

Floorboards assembled onto the steel rear frames. Takes 6 per day, Pull
PETs also use the frames. So we need 20-30 per week.

Frames have to be reamed and cleaned. We need one or two more persons to
clean and ream the frames before wood can be attached.

The Adult seats have two pieces to cover. We have one person and he’ll be
gone for a few weeks in September. Needed one more to cover and learn it.
Again only one person cutting carpet padding and vinyl. One more is needed.

Paint room: Need one more person to paint 1-3 hours per week.

Woodcutters are needed to keep up. As well, we will need a router and
sander volunteer and holes to be drilled.

Currently Pull PETs need assembly work on front ends and tongues, and

Our inventory of PETs is going down soon. We have a truck load of equal in
numbers going to Gleaning for the World, should ship next week to VA. That
will take all our adults and Pulls and one third of Childs.

Right now we also do not have any daily volunteers on regular basis who just
do anything. So garbage cans need emptying, wheels need restocking from the
warehouse, shop vac needs dumping weekly..

In addition, we need some office coverage Aug 27 till September 5 each
afternoon – answer the phone, greet visitors, etc. Stay in the office till
3pm each day. If available just write your name on the calendar in the
office, email Gary at or call the shop 886-7877.

Boxing and shipments volunteer: There are some PET parts that we at PET
MO-Columbia receive to benefit all shops, but they must be divvied up and
shipped as requested. We need help in getting some supplies to other
Affiliate shops. A volunteer is needed who is willing to box up and ship
the parts to the Affiliates. Duties would include communicating with the
Affiliate on what the cost is and how the part will be shipped, boxing up
the parts, and taking the boxed parts to Fed Ex or Fastenal for shipping.

The Affiliate then remits for any expenses. The actual boxing up and
delivery of parts could be done one day a week (your choice on what day you
want to do it). The average time to do this would be about an hour per
week. Some lifting would be involved as steel parts are included in this
task – small to larger boxes. Contact Susan or Gary.

Could you help on a regular basis with a particular task maybe once a week
or come in once a week and help out with a variety of tasks as needed that
day. You could be trained on a variety of tasks and be one of our most
valuable floater volunteers. If one task doesn’t work out for you, we can
see if another will fit your interest and ability better. Let’s work
together to keep the PET shop and office running smoothly.

Gary Moreau, Executive Director

Von Driggs is the PET International staff member who is responsible for
locating NGOs overseas that need PETs for their mission, and for
fascilitating the complicated process of getting the PETs there. Von came to
PET from Project Mercy Ships, and had years of prior experience in this type
of mission work.

I just received a report from him as to PET distributions, and here is a
list of some of the receiving NGO’s. I am sure that you can locate one or
all on the web:

*** MedShare, CA

*** World Vision, Pittsburgh

*** Wheels of Hope- Hospital Shalom

*** Hope Haven Int’l, for Iraq

*** MedWish

*** Orphan Grain Train

*** World Vision – Denver

*** Franciscan Mission Warehouse, Independence, MO

*** ACTS, The Republic of Georgia

*** DOVE Fund, Vietnam

*** Universal Heart

*** Togo West Africa Hospital

*** The Guatemala Rotary Club

*** MedShare, GA

*** Sabinas Puente Lions Club, Mexico

*** AHMEN – Honduras

*** Medical Bridges – Houston

*** Baptist Medical Center, Ghana

*** Lions, Rio Bravo, Mexico

*** GAIN

*** Maua Methodist Hospital – Kenya

*** FAME

*** Sierra Leone

*** AMIGA – Honduras

*** Global Aid Network

*** AMIGA – Honduras

*** Brother’s Brother

*** Mukushi SDA – Zambia

*** MedWish

*** Solwezi & Mufulira – Zambia

*** US Navy Projet Handclasp- Senegal

*** Wheels for Humanity-


I think that is impressive and commendable. When one considers all the work
that went into those shipments, almost all volunteer work and volunteer
donations, it is a prime example of what people of good will and generosity
can do when they work together. No one worried about the faith base of those
involved, or race, creed, color, sexual preference, nationality, or any
other such things. Together we join hands to help those less fortunate, as
any religious creed I have ever read asks us to do. That is what I mean
when I say we are “faith based.”


“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our
possibilities become limitless.” – Jaami Paolinetti


Mel West, PET Founder

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