“PETs are transforming lives of many disabled in Malawi”

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Having donated a PET to this small boy in Standard four at Msalura primary school, one day I thought of visiting him at the school where I was told of this Girl on a wheelchair, the problems she has coming to school. The girl is very intelligent but comes to school either very late or absent most of the time because she depend of some one to push her unlike the boy who uses the PET and comes to school by himself daily. The Man in the second picture does his business in shoe repairing at Mikundi turn off trading center in Mchinji.His mobility problems all gone now that he is using the PET we donated. The other girl in the third picture can now mix very well with others. The same is true with Miss chinsisi Nangwale at Mchinji Town. After completing a tailoring course with us at KODO, we gave her the PET. She is making good progress in life. The last picture is interesting in that,we donated the PET to the men with mobility problems, but we did not know that the same PET would also benefit his sister who is blind. He carry her at the back when ever she wants visit friends.

PETs are transforming lives of many disabled in Malawi

KODO Malawi

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