PET MO-Columbia update 7/14/14

PETs built since 1-1-14 731

PET Place is an exciting place. I came to work at 6:30 this morning, and
here are just three samples of e-mails awaiting me:

*** Report from Orphan Grain Train, an NGO that ships PETs from NE & long
time partner. Here is the inventory of a container they shipped to Haiti:
“48 school desks, 60 student chairs, 2 teacher’s desks, 4 chalk boards,
medical equipment, 14 Adult PETs, 5 PET Mini-Marts, 86,400 Mercy Meals,
28,800 Kids Against Hunger meals, 4 cases of bottled water, 175 boxes of
clothing and shoes, and 40 sleeping mats.” Thank you to all of our
supporters for making that report a possibility.


*** From the “Glory of Africa” ladies there came an e-mail praising the
sewing machines we have sent them, and asking for a serger and another
special machine to be carried over there by a visiting pastor. This small
group of women create and sell lovely and creative pillows and table
runners, over the net. Jim Sandfry replied to them that we will have the
machines thru The Container Project’s sewing project.


*** From PET-West Michigan came a newsletter with a Mike Breuker telling of
his helping distribute PETs in Vietnam with the distribution partner, DOVE
(Development Of Vietnam Endeavors.) He writes:

“Many of the recipients were injured during the war and some time after
because of encounters with unexploded ordinance. Our gift of mobility is a
game changer for these people as they now have the independence they have
longed for. The need for PETs in Vietnam is great. Out of a population of
93,000,000 people 7,000,000 people cannot walk. Our DOVE Fund partners are
shipping 350 PETs in June and another 350 in November, which allows us to
give the gift of mobility to many needy Vietnam people.”

Many PETs have gone to Vietnam thru multiple distribution partners. Our
old PET promo video Mercy in Motion 2006 was from distribution video from
there with the help of our local, Columbia news team and PET volunteers
that went.


*** Some gracious and generous person periodically drops off shopping bags
of new scissors, needles, and an assortment of other items for our sewing
machine project. If you are a reader of “Update”, this is a special thanks
to you. Your wonderful items go all over the world.


“”Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”- Cornel West

Mel West

*** Polio is still in the world and you can help: I was out of the PET
loop for 11 days between the 4th holiday and a pre 30th anniversary trip
with my husband. I wanted to share with you all one of the items on
display that stood out for me at the Smithsonian in the museum of American
history. There was a small vial in a case that contained some of the
first polio vaccination made by Dr. Jonas Salk in the 1950s. With my work
with PET for 15 years, that caught my attention. Polio is a big reason
PET is needed around the world still today and will probably continue to
be for awhile. We ask you to continue to partner with us to build more
PETs to help those that have been affected by polio and those they may be
in the future. (See attached story from 2010 about polio and Ireen.)
Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator

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