AMIGA — Many Thanks for the Personal Energy Transportation

1234-shipment“We have had the privilege of delivering PETs to three very deserving and grateful individuals. We pass a bank every day where a young man sits on the ground outside its doors – all day, every day. Polo is a young man with Cerebral Palsy who spends his days greeting the bank’s clients, and begging for sustenance to live. He has never been able to walk and did at one time have a PET which he loved. It was unfortunately taken from him in a violent encounter and since then he has great difficulty getting around. He was so excited – and so were all of the workers, including the security guards, at the bank. As we adjusted the PET for Polo, a Honduran man drove by on his motorcycle and motioned a thumbs up and said, “good job amigos”.

“Another PET went to Lorenzo, a 79 year old man who lives in a small community – with all dirt roads. He was sitting outside by himself against a small shack that he calls home with a forlorn look on his face. He had only one leg – the other lost to diabetes, and with his one crutch he is only able to stand for a few minutes. He immediately took to his PET and as we pulled away, his frown had transformed into a large smile.

“Four PETS went to four people in El Progreso through the program at TeleProgreso that serves the poor. We will follow up on them during our next visit, and we will visit Reinel, from San Pedro, to see how he is doing with his new PET and his dream of opening a pulperia.

“The most profound ‘PET experience’ we all remember, and look forward to on each visit is the vision of Jesus David waiting for us at the corner of the entrance to his village when we pull up in our loaded trucks for our medical brigade in his community. On one visit, he followed us in his PET to the school where we set up our clinic – with his little brother in the back. He is faithfully going to school and excitedly discovering that he is intelligent. He tells me he is helping his mom, “by watching his little 1 year old brother,” who has found a special place to ride in the back of David’s PET.”

[excerpted from Goods and PETs]

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