PET MO-Columbia update 6/16/14

PETs built since 1-1-14: 603

Some world history and a PET story:

When The Republic of Georgia withdrew from the Soviet Union the Russian
solders, as they left, stripped the country bare. Hospitals were stripped of
all their equipment, even including plumbing and electrical wires. Dr.
Patricia Blair, here in Columbia, MO., developed an NGO called ACTS (A Call
To Serve) and that began a 22 year mission of gathering donated resources
for Georgia and shipping them there in 40′ containers, with the shipping
costs paid for by the US Government’s program called “Provide Hope.” ACTS
sent 2,750 containers, with over 100 of them originating here in Columbia.
The combined value if items shipped was $658,600,000,.

I became a volunteer for that program and helped with the gathering,
storing and shipping of many containers. When mid-Missouri hospitals changed
from hand-cranked beds to electric beds, we claimed the older beds, still in
good condition, and shipped them to Georgia. At one point we were shipping
iodized salt because goiter was rampant among especially the women and

I was privileged to fly to Georgia and asses their needs first-hand.
Wheelchairs of any kind were almost absent. When a hospital patient who
could not walk needed to be moved they sat in a chair while two strong men
carried them. It quickly became apparent that PETs were needed, and a
shipment was made, to be followed by several others. They were extremely
well received, and we received from them the best reports of any shipment we
have ever made.

Thursday, June 12, the last shipment of PETs, 100 of them plus other
supplies, was made from PET MO-Columbia. The government has closed out that
program, and future shipments will need to be paid for from local sources.
ACTS anticipates future shipments, including PETs, and is looking for local
funding for costs.


“Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.” -Christopher Morley


*** Today children receive PETs in Africa: Von Driggs, Director of
Operations, wrote this to report on an upcoming distribution start in Sierra
Leone. In March we sent out a full overseas shipment from our ship, and it
arrived May 30. It included 56 PETs made in Columbia. PET International
has been in regular email communication with Mr. Bangura. He had
distributed a similar project in 2005/2006. We look forward to receiving
and sharing reports on the PETs you made possible in this shipment.

“PET International participates in the 2014 Day of the African Child in
Lunsar, Sierra Leone.

June 16th is Day of the African Child. It was first established by the
Organization of the African Unity in 1991. The day aims at raising awareness
for the situation of children in Africa, and on the need for continuing
improvement in education. It encourages people’s spirit of abundance to
share something special with a child in Africa.

PET International has coordinated the contribution of 198 Personal Energy
Transportation carts and a consignment of repair parts for the Lunsar Child
Mobility Project. This mobility distribution for disabled children begins on
June 16 with the opening celebration at St. Josephs Vocational Training
Institute in Lunsar, Sierra Leone. The Honorable Member of Parliament, Isata
Kabia will be on hand to present the first Personal Energy Transportation

PET International would like to thank everyone who donated time and money
toward this project to reintegrate disabled children into local schools.
The simple Gift of Mobility makes this dream possible.”

*** Current Needs: We could use more volunteers right now. Extra wood
cutters, metal assembly workers (preparing metal parts, assembling them,

We are running very short in milk jugs each week. It seems the Child PET
boxes take a few more. Please bring in clean, dry gallon plastic containers
with lids – water, milk, juice or coffee. Although ½ gallon will work,
it’ll take more in each shipping box. Clean and dry are key to prevent mold
and be useful for a water storage/carrying container on the receiving end.
The PET could be boxed for months between storage, shipping and delivery in
country. These are considered to be of no value and are allowed with

*** We will have a float in the Hallsville’s Heritage Days Parade and need
some riders on the trailer, some push/pull PETs, and PET drivers in the
parade. It starts at 9 am on June 21, Saturday. Can you or others help us

*** India: Thanks to everyone, June 17 is packing day for India. Warehouse
should be empty.

Gary Moreau, Executive Director shop 573-886-7877 general hours M – F 8 am
to 3 pm

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