PET cart donation to Universal Heart Inc. reaches the disabled in the Philippines

Good morning and my apology for not providing update on the status of
your donated PET mobility aid devices.

We would like to inform you that we have provided 86 PET carts to 7
regions in the Philippines (NCR, TWH, XI,X, VI, III and V). The regions
CAR, I and II (with 21 PET devices) will pick up the devices to Manila
for PWDs (Persons With Disabilities) in their respective provinces. We
are waiting for the availability of their vehicle. NCR (National
Capital Region) has to complete their their documentations to release
their requested PET devices.

Other field offices, such as – NCR, III, CAR and X, will have to
submit their filled up PET application forms and other pertinent
documents in support on their additional PET request.

We are very thankful for your assistance to the marginalized Filipino
PWDs. You give hope and inspiration to them. We pray that our Good
Lord to provide you better health and protection to help you in all your

Salamat po,

Protective Services Bureau

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