PET MO-Columbia update 6/2/14

PETs produced since 1-1-14: 531

*** 90/90/90 Challenge (90 gifts of $90 for Mel’s 90th birthday): #78 gifts
were received for a total of $11,585. PET Friends got creative. One person
gave for 10 gifts or $900; another gave for 20 gifts. Another gave $90 plus
“$10 to grow on!” Thank you so much for participating and supporting PET.
Also thank you for sending all the wonderful greetings to our founder. They
were very much enjoyed and appreciated by Mel.

*** Our volunteer promoter, Shirley Russo, in Rochester, MN was interviewed
by her local news station KTTC. Shirley has volunteered for us for over 3
years now giving presentations and spreading the word about PET. Thru Nov.
2013 she had raised enough to build and ship #115 PETs out of Columbia. Our
Executive Director, Gary Moreau, was in MN last fall and met up with
Shirley. In April she was one of the team members on the distribution in
Guatemala. She is a force to be reckoned with in her enthusiasm to spread
the word about PET and help more persons around the world with PET’s
mobility. She is just one of over 200 PET volunteers (shop, promoters,
parts makers) across the US supporting our Columbia, MO shop. Thanks to
Shirley and all of you!! (Below is the interview link. It
includes many parts of our Wheels video. $250 is still the average number
we use for PET; that was slightly misstated in the interview.)

Kathy Maynard

*** Christianity has a reformation about every 500 years, and we are in the
beginning of the one following Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 Thesis on
the doors of the church. This one began mid-last century. It will, I
predict, be based upon a search for truth (“And the truth will make you
free.”) Technology will play an important part in the new reformation.
Humanitarian projects like PET will play an important role.

A retired friend of mine recently said, “I am repenting of all the time
and energy I used to try to build the Church, when all along I should have
been building the Kingdom of God on this Earth. The Church would have
followed along. A minister friend this weekend echoed the same sentiments.

We have had the wrong measures for success in the Church. We measured
membership, attendance, buildings built, etc. According to our Scriptures we
should weekly ask ourselves questions like this, “How many of the hungry did
we feed this week? How many homeless have we sheltered? How many prisoners
have we visited? How many of the lonely are less lonely? Have we stood for
justice? How many wrongs have we protested?

Millard Fuller, in his book, “No More Shacks,” has an excellent statement
about the Kingdom of God. I quote in part:

“Shalom is a word the ancient Jews used in their greetings and farewells.
To the Hebrew people of Biblical times it meant much more to them than an
interpretation of peace. Shalom meant total spiritual and physical
well-being. It called up visions of a society perfectly ordered by Yahweh,
marked by love and justice. Shalom was life as God meant it to be. It was a
world in which the needs of every person were met and where each one had
enough of whatever was required to live a joyful life before the Lord.

” Jesus initiated His ministry by proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was
at hand. By the Kingdom of God he meant a world in which all that was
suggested by Shalom would be realized.”

As the Church focused upon itself and its buildings, people of faith
(from the churches, often) started NGOs like Heifer, Habitat, ECHO, Rainbow
Network, PET, etc. to build the Kingdom on this Earth. In the new
Reformation we will see exciting partnerships forming between service clubs,
people of power and wealth, businesses, NGO’s, universities, and church
groups, to bring about the world envisioned by “Shalom.” John Wesley’s
statement, “If your heart is as my heart, give me your hand.”, will gain new
meaning. The removal of polio from this Earth is an example of what is

PET and other mobility organizations will enable the vision that “the
lame will walk”. It is an exciting future.


“The arc of time is long, but it bends toward justice.” M L King

Mel West

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