PET cart distributed by CBN in Laos helps empower Mr. Somsack

A Report from CBN Laos office on the distribution of the first shipment of PET wheelcarts in Xieng Khouang Province, Laos — highlighting a story of one of the recipients.

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Somsack can go out to work with the PET wheelcart…

On March 21, 2014, at the handover ceremony of CBN Laos wheelchairs distribution project in Xiengkhouang Province, a cheerful Mr Somsack received a brand new wheelcart, which was sponsored by PET International.

When Mr Somsack, a 46-year old mechanic, was trying out his wheelcart, he delightfully said, “This wheelcart looks attractive and comfortable to ride on, and I like the small cart at the back, I can go out to work and put the tools in the cart; very useful.”

Indeed, it is helpful that he can ride on this wheelcart to go out of his house to work whenever there are urgent requests from his customers. With diligence and responsibilities, he can acquire extra income for himself.

He continued to add that he can travel to somewhere any day by himself in a more comfortable and stylish manner; he feels happier and less embarrass because he need not crawl around in public area.

A smiling Somsack told the CBN team he has been longing to visit the Plain of Jars Field (a popular place of interest in his hometown) all these years but without opportunity, but with this new wheelcart, he said, his hope can be fulfilled soon, he can use this wheelcart to visit the Field with his friends!

A cheerful and good-looking Mr Somsack has not let his disabilities to deter himself, instead, he displays resilience and determination to survive, forged ahead with strong human-spirit to live on, be enabled through learning technical skills, not just to work to support himself but more importantly, to have the sense of worthiness with his abilities to contribute towards society. Hence, he is cheerful about life and look forward for a meaningful future for himself and his loved ones.

In retrospect, when Somsack was one year and eight months old in 1970, he was affected by polio and since then had lost the ability to walk normally by himself.

In those challenging years of growing up, the youthful Somsack was full of quiet sorrow because he could not walk nor play sports normally like other people. In spite of his disabilities and sorrow, Somsack found motivation to live on daily with the encouragement and support of his parents and siblings. He studied attentively in school and hoped to be a mechanic when he grew up. He subsequently work hard as a volunteer trainee mechanic for many years just to have two meals a day. His perseverance has ultimately helped him to become a skillful mechanic today.

He is thankful that he has survived those days and he is very happy since the day he started to work as a mechanic to support himself, hence relieving his elderly parents and siblings from heavy financial burden.

He earnestly thanks CBN project for bringing this useful PET wheelcart to him and making his world a better place from now.


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