PET MO-Columbia update 5/26/14

PET Production since 1-1-14: 512

Memorial Day is a lot about values, and I use this space to share a
favorite statement:

Christian mission takes us to the core of the Gospel, and asks us to respond
with our actions. It asks us to put aside the cosmetics of religion and to
model our daily living on the lifestyle of the cross. It asks us to reject
the ways of the society around us, to be reborn in spirit, and to take on
the mind of Christ.

In a world in which bigger is better, value is measured in dollars, and
force and violence are seen as change agents, the radical Jesus asks us to
quietly love our neighbor. And his life and parables remind us that we now
have 7,200,000,000 neighbors.

The Gospel asks us to prioritize our values, and to ask ourselves, What
kind of person am I, really?


“The value of a sentiment is the amount of sacrifice you are willing to make
for it.” – John Galsworthy

Mel West

(Memorial Day was started to remember Civil War veterans on both sides and later expanded to all veterans. Kathy)

*** PET is the 2nd quarter mission outreach project for my church (Millersburg Christian Church), which means that 12% of all our donations, offerings, etc. will go to PET, including the offering collected at this event:

Bluegrass Gospel Worship Service at Millersburg Christian Church, Saturday, June 21, beginning at 5pm and lasting about an hour. Music provided by the Millersburg Gloryland Band (some of whom performed at the PET Volunteer Appreciation Dinner). Come hear some good music and a short sermon, and make an additional contribution to the PET Project.

Jeff Moran, PET shop volunteer and distribution Team Leader to Guatemala

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