PET MO-Columbia update 5/19/14

PET production since 1-1-14 484

Reaching the age of 90 is a new and interesting experience for me. Along
with the checks for the 90/90/90 Challenge have come cards and notes of
appreciation for PET. One received today had the words, “It has given
meaning to retirement.” The writer is exactly on target, and here is the
mini-sermon I preach on that. Some of you have heard it before.

The day we reach retirement we are, most of us, at the peak of our
potential to be useful to society. We have 40 years of experience in dealing
with people and problems. We have accumulated a vast inventory of skills,
learnings and understandings. We have a wonderful network of friends and
associates who believe in us and will support us in a worthy endeavor. Many
of us, if we have lived thriftly, have an accumulation of dollars we can use
for a project in which we believe. And, many of us have 20 to 30 good years
ahead of us in which to invest our lives. We are our own boss, and have that
wonderful gift of time. We can follow the guidance of the Spirit. Never
before have we been so able to indeed love neighbor as self, knowing we have
7,200,000,000 neighbors.

That is the kind of folks that have become volunteers at PET, who have
made it what it is, and who will determine its future. Our retirement years
are to be INVESTED, not spent!


*** 5-16-14 #70 PETs were sent to Universal Heart, an NGO that distributes
medical supplies to missions around the world. Also shipped were 3 pallets
of hospital bed linens from The Container Project. Universal Heart has a
shipping arrangement with UPS; so we coordinate with their availability of
space and schedule. No shipping cost to PET or TCP.


“Doubt is the beginning of wisdom. – Rene’ Descartes

Mel West

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