PET MO-Columbia update 5/12/14

PETs built since 1-1-14 462

Container Project story:


I have long been impressed by the power of the seemingly small and
insignificant things to make a difference in this world. The Sewing Machine
Project is a prime example. A woman donates a used sewing machine, many of
the 50 or so years old. Jim Sandfry rebuilds them and we add new scissors,
measuring tape, oil, needles, bobbins, extension cord, etc. Often fabrics
are included in the shipment. Off they go to some outpost mission station in
towns whose names may be hard to pronounce. So what? So what difference do
they make?

One went to the Saint Boniface Hospital, as reported by Anita St. Onge,
Residence Coordinator, St. Boniface Foundation, Haiti.

The machine is used to make catheter covers (to prevent infections). It
will also be used to teach some of the young women in the village to sew.

What a wonderful “second life” for that machine!

That is what the resurrection” is all about – taking that which was dead
(that old machine) and using it to bring new life to people and a community.

(That was from a report in June 2013. This week she writes to us again:

“I was wondering if we might request some additional machines for our Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation program – we are interested in sending machines home with patients who have been trained as a way for them to earn some money, I am copying Paul Musembi who will be the contact person for any donations. Thank you for considering our program. Anita St. Onge” (I asked who she received the first one through. It was from our partner in IN that solely works in Haiti. Kathy)

** This interview with one of our shop volunteers was tweeted from a local
show last week:

( will take you to the PET portion.)

** 90/90/90 Challenge update (90 gifts of $90 for Mel’s 90th birthday on
May 21): As of May 5 deposit, #33 persons had given $4,025 of various
amounts. The Challenge gifts continue to arrive or be pledged. The
volunteers at the shop are planning on giving him all the greetings next
week close to his birthday when he’s at the shop. Thanks for your
involvement and recognition of Mel’s great life. Kathy


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

Mel West

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