PET recipients in El Salvador receive the Gift of Mobility through The Order of Malta

José Domingo de la Cruz Chavez“My name is José Domingo de la Cruz Chavez. My ID number is 0002685-5. I am 42 years old and 15 years ago I suffered an electric shock and as a result my legs don’t work and I can’t walk. I am a low income person, married with 2 children. To earn some money to support my family, I work repairing bicylces in my humble home. I live on the road to the Port of Liberate Km 20 ½ municipality of Zaragoza, Barrio La Cruz No.50.

“I am grateful to the Order of Malta of El Salvador, for donating this practical and utilitarian transporter, which will be a great help to me to have transpiration and facilitate my life in general, allowing me to do numerous daily activities, including my work.”

Joseph Adam Garza Pacheco2My name is Joseph Adam Garza Pacheco. My ID number is 01943465-2 and I live at No. 1,Jose Matias Delgado Street, Colonia Libertad, Resume, Santa Ana. I have had Type 2 Diabetes since I was 24 years old. In August 2013 I was admitted to the hospital for problems on the little toe my left foot, which was necrotic. Because I had poor circulation, my leg did not work normally. I did a test to evaluate the possibility of getting a bypass with veins that still worked, but it was not feasible, as my left foot had lost all feeling and almost died. So they amputated six centimeters below my knee.

Joseph Adam Garza Pacheco1 Joseph Adam Garza Pacheco3I appreciate the opportunity to be able to get this cart to do my chores at home, and also to commute on the street to do some work or other task whatever I can. Many thanks Order of Malta for this valuable donation!

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