Does a PET need a License Plate in Guatemala?

DavidTunCap1Meet David Tun Cap, a 38 year old resident of the Municipality of Tak Tik. David used to work in agriculture, but a medical condition caused him to lose the use of his legs two years ago. David is one of the 28 Guatemalans who received PETs underwritten by Anchorage East Rotary in April 2014. I presented David with a remembrance card with our Rotary club logo on one side and a picture of some of our club member donors on the other side. And, of course, I affixed our Rotary club logo on his PET after telling him my story about dog sleds bringing the PET from Alaska. He was one of the people who got the joke right off the bat.

But the question is: Does a PET need a license plate in Guatemala? Well, required or not, Walt Hays, the gentleman who lent us the sample PETs for our club meetings, prepared 28 heavy plastic “Rotary Loves Guatemala” license plates (and also gave me the screws and washers) for our 28 PETs. In the picture below, you can see the license plate being attached to the back of David’s PET by one of the Red Cross volunteers.

DavidTunCap2If you commit a traffic or parking offense in Mexico or Guatemala, the police will often take away your license plate, so I warned David and the other recipients to be careful that they didn’t speed, or improperly park, their new PETs or their license plates could be confiscated. David gave me one of his lovely smiles when I said that.

He and his wife Olga Yolanda were both very grateful to our Rotary club for providing David with the mobility he hasn’t had for the last two years and that may allow him to earn a living for them and their three children.

Sandra Wicks, Dist 5010

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