PET MO-Columbia update 4/28/14

PETs built since 1-1-14 398

*** 90/90/90 Challenge:
On May 21st, Mel’s 90th birthday, we would like to present Mel with 90
donations. ( Since it’s his 90th, we thought $90 would be a good donation
amount – but do whatever works for you!) If you would like to participate
please send your donation to the PET shop and put a note that it’s for
90/90/90. Address is 1908 Heriford Road, Columbia, MO 65202. Gary Moreau,
Executive Director (In case you are newer to receiving these Updates, Mel
West is the co-founder of PET and founder of our PET shop. It’s the 20th
anniversary of PET in 2014. Kathy)

*** I’ve just returned from three long days in Nicaragua visiting the
excellent mission work of Rainbow Network, which is also a distributor of
PETs. Oscar Stadthagen is one who works with distribution there. I met his
son Adrian, 12 years old, who assembles the PETs his father distributes.
This handsome young lad is so pleased to be able to know that his work helps

NicaraguaRainbowNetworkManPETwCanopyJuly2011He will be a future leader in that country. The Container Project, who shares our PET warehouse and sometimes shares shipments, is loading a full 40′ overseas shipping container tentatively on 5/30 for Nicaragua and RN. Some PETs will be included. (Check out the attached PET picture from there. The PET as been modified for the man with no legs.)

Other observations concerning Nicaragua and Rainbow Network (RN):

*** This is their dry season, and the countryside is so very hot, dry and
bleak. But the amazing thing is that the people maintain their spirit and
hope. “Rain will come,” they say.

*** Each year RN holds at least one big event that brings folks together to
celebrate. This year over 600 came to celebrate the serving of nutritious
meal # 40,000,000. Many came long distances walking, riding horses or on
local buses. Whole families came together, and their children are
marvelously well behaved.

*** At noon a boy and a girl shared in receiving meal 40 million, then the
entire crowd was served a simple meal of rice, salad, a protein/soy dish and
a fruit drink.

*** The change that RN has made in Nicaragua is measureable, observable,
amazing and heart-warming. While there I talked with their leadership about
possible future plans to expand the mission of PET there.


“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the
day you find out why.”

– Mark Twain

Mel West

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