PET MO-Columbia update 4/21/14

PETs built since 1-1-14 – 361

I was sitting here trying to think of a topic for today, and it walked in
the door. One of our volunteers brought his mother for her first visit to
PET Place. She and her church (one about 120 miles from here) have been
supporters of PET for years, and she told of how being supportive of PET had
meant so much to that church, and especially the children. Our volunteer had
taken a child sized PET there for show-and-tell and, of course, the kids
were thrilled with it.

*** We talk and write a lot about how a PET dramatically changes the life of
a recipient. Persons who have been crawling upon the ground for many, many
years do indeed arise to a new life of hope, pride, dignity, comfort and

*** We talk about what PET means to our volunteers, who make parts and
construct and ship. Their lives are enriched by the opportunity to use their
skills and energies to dramatically change the lives of others less
fortunate. They do not go to their graves with their music still half in

*** Financial donors like PET because they understand their gifts are used
efficiently and effectively to provide the gift of mobility and hope. We are
able to provide photos and stories as we report to our donors. Those who
desire can go with one of our volunteer teams to Guatemala to assemble and
distribute PET, to see first hand the impact of such a gift. People
traveling in other lands often send us a note saying, “I saw a PET today.”
Our books and files are open to all.

We are a servant to our donors. We tell them that their financial gifts will
be used to do what we say we will do and we keep that promise.

(I was at an United Methodist Women’s district meeting a week ago and
happened to be at a table with a lady who was from a donor church about 80
miles from the PET shop. She is going to Haiti on a mission trip in June.
I asked her to be on the lookout for PETs, and if possible, take a picture,
interview the recipient, and look for an vinyl id label that tells where it
was manufactured and when. I.e., ours says something like “MO-Col April
2014” this month along with the PET logo and a website address. Kathy)


One of our volunteers and I have a little ritual we play as he leaves. I say
“Thank you,” and he responds, “Thank you for the opportunity.” PET OFFERS


“”Fall seven times, and stand up eight.’ Japanese Proverb

Mel West

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