World Vision report on the distribution of PET carts in rural Uganda

201312WorldVisionboysonPETs 201312WorldVisionboysoncrutchesI wanted to share this report with you. As you can see we just received this from the World Vision office in Uganda following a distribution of a pair of PET carts to a couple in a WV Area Development Program. The photo and story are such a great reminder of the fantastic work you all are doing to bring the fullness of life for all, I cannot express enough thanks on behalf of all of us at World Vision. Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet for couples like this one.

Please share our thanks with all of your staff and volunteers. Along with this story I saw so many PET carts as we made our way across Zambia back in November of last year, it was so amazing to see so many people able to move across some really tough terrain. It was a good lesson for me in the difference between what a wheelchair can do here in the U.S. and how that wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the places we were visiting. We did, however, see lots of PET carts that were clearly much-loved and well used that were still on the go. What a wonderful gift!

Blessings on you all, thank you so much for your passion for serving the poor.

Jennifer Mounsey

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