PET MN-Twin Cities shipments to Tanzania via Easter Lutheran Church

“This morning at the shop we hosted a work group which included some of my friends from Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan, MN. Last year this group sponsored a shipment of 20 carts to Iringa, Tanzania, and it was so very successful that this year the shipment will be 40! … I am blessed to be a part of the trip there this summer and will be leaving on June, 12. I plan to take many pictures of the carts from last year with the recipients, and hope to gather many stories. Here is the link: After the video was made, the $17,000 needed for the shipment was raised so now we just have to get the carts to Atlanta to be loaded along with the generators and textbooks.”

Brochure excerpt:

PetCart1-webPET Carts (Hand-cranked carts for disabled people): PET carts give mobility, self-respect and an improved chance of employment to disabled people. In most of Tanzania it is a common experience to see a person using flip-flops on their hands to drag themselves through the dust. Many of these disabled people are not able to walk due to birth defects and diseases such as polio. PET carts allow these people to use their hands to power themselves forwards using a bicycle-like mechanism. Easter is working to establish a regular volunteer schedule to help assemble carts in preparation for shipment to Tanzania. If you are interested in participating or learning more, contact Scott Stivers at or

A Container to be Shipped: A shipping container filled with life-changing items needs to
be shipped to Tanzania. The 8’x8’x40’ container will be shipped in March. Most space
within the container will be filled with books worth almost one million dollars provided
by an organization called “Books for Africa.” Easter is partnering with this group to
provide appropriate university-level science books for degree programs in biology,
chemistry and physics that begin in October, 2014 at the University of Iringa. The
additional space in the container will contain generators for Radio Furaha and 40 PET

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