PET MO-Columbia update 3/23/14

PETs built since January 1, 2014: 256

Two PET reports from Nicaragua:

*** AmeriCares, one of our excellent NGO partners, wrote:

“Over the past year AmeriCares has worked with PET International to send
122 PETs to our partners around the world, bringing a much needed means of
transportation to those with physical disabilities and limited resources.
Many of the persons who receive these carts have physical or mental
disabilities, or both. The PETs provide a new level of personal freedom for
patients, allowing them freedom to move about their world, even contributing
to the economic income of their families.

“__________, 18 years old and living in Managua, Nicaragua, received a
PET. Born with congenital malformation that affects his mental and physical
development, He has never been able to walk. His parents, unable to afford a
wheelchair, have carried him everywhere he has needed to go since he was a
baby, an increasingly difficult task. The family was overjoyed to hear of
the donation of the PET, and extremely grateful. “Thank you so much for this
wonderful gift that benefits people like us with few resources. We are so
grateful to have something that allows him to move about freely. May God
bless you so that you can continue to help poor families.” (AmeriCares
asked us to not share names or pictures. All 122 of those PETs came from
our shop on January 10, 2013. You can follow our shipments on that page
under the Reports tab on our website.)


*** Megan Munzlinger, staff person for Rainbow Network, wrote”

I just met another man with a PET in Masaya, Nicaragua, yesterday. His
name is Francisco Solanos and he had terrible diabetes. The doctors
amputated his legs a few years ago and he had no way to move around. Now,
Francisco is selling lottery tickets throughout the city and doing very well
for himself. When I told him I knew one of the guys that started PET he
became speechless and sent many thanks and blessings your way.”


“Aspire to inspire before you expire.” Anon.

Mel West

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