PET MO-Columbia update 3/17/14

PETs built since 1-1-14: 234

HEIFER INTERNATIONAL IS CELEBRATING ITS 70th ANNIVERSARY!! It began in 1944 when an Indiana dairy farmer was handing out dried milk to children in a refugee camp. Looking at the grass filled hills all around this practical Dan West, a Church of the Brethren volunteer, reasoned that a cow would be better than a cup. He and his neighbors began shipping bred heifers to war-torn areas, asking the recipients to pay back their gift by sharing an offspring with a needy neighbor.

Heifer Project has now served 50,000,000 people around the world, and the
“passing on of the gift” is still a basic expectation. All kinds of
appropriate animals that produce meat, milk, muscle power and manure are
distributed. Heifer headquarters are in Little Rock, AR. with their
educational-demonstration ranch in nearby Perryville, AR. Go to


*** Heifer has a place in the history of PET. In 1995 Earl Miner and I were
testing proto-types, and wanted to user-test the gear ratios and a braking
system. The Heifer Ranch had many roads and trails, many volunteers, and
paths that were flat as well was hilly. I took a PET there and left it
several months. The gear ratio we were using proved to be correct. The
rear-wheels “scrub” brake was a reject.


*** 56 PETs made here in Columbia, plus 142 made in Iowa, were shipped last
week to Sierra Leone for the project mentioned in our autumn newsletter.
More children will be able to get to school and or stay in school with
dependable mobility. Repair parts were also included to keep older PETs
going. Thanks for your 2nd mile giving to help make this shipment

*** The Container Project: 125 of the wooden school desks being made for the
children of Nicaragua are now in our warehouse. Carrol Green and his work
group in NW Missouri sent down a load last week, sharing trucking resources
with PET.


“If evolution continues, man will atrophy all his limbs except the
push-button finger.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Mel West

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