PET MO-Columbia update 3/10/14

Production to date since January 1, 2014 – 196

One of the best gifts we receive at PET is a report/thank you from the
front line, and written in their own words.

The Inland North-West PET Project in Spokane, WA, sent PETs to South
Sudan, and they were anxious about the PETs arrival and use because of the
severe war going on there. Their good news came in this letter from a
Stephen Ayul.

“Hi, Dr. I did not find the boy I should give him a PET, but I find
somebody not him. I give it to Polino Obyel and this is he said. Polino
Obyel he been sick for long time and he is not walking he been sitting down
for six 6 years he lost his legs. The day I give him PET he said this is the
good day I have from the day I lost my legs and I am not walking. Today I
got the legs back. PET to go to church and to go see friend. My thank to the
peoples who made PET and thank to ASMP (Alaska Sudan Medical Project) and
everyone who help to get it to me. God will give them good life and long
live…Now Polino will work again. He have wife and 4 kids.”

SouthSudanAKSudanMedlProjBoyChildPETAJan2012Letters like that are why we have such dedicated and loyal volunteers. Our volunteers know for certain that their work makes an immediate, dramatic and lasting life-changing impact upon the lives of those who are “the least of these” in the world’s society. We have also given PETs to ASMP. They have a partner in the Kansas City, MO area that loads out containers of supplies. Dr. Jill Seaman is one of the leads and is featured in our Wheels video linked on our home page at Included in her segment was a boy who received one of our adult PETs. See attached picture of another boy who received our child PET and pulled up while another PET was being assembled in South Sudan. If you’d like to have a DVD of 6 recipient videos and are willing to share it with others, please write to us
and we’ll gladly send you one. Or pick one up at the PET shop at 1908 Heriford Rd. in Columbia.


PET MO-Columbia is preparing a shipment of 200 PETs for Sierra Leone. We
finally got the green light as all details on the receiving end are in
order. Thanks to all of our PET friends who gave the extra mile for
overseas shipping and in country distribution expenses, we have been ready
to send the shipment since last year. For those of you just beginning to
receive these weekly Updates, we had a special request and fundraising drive
for this shipment expense for children in Sierra Leone. We generally do not
cover the overseas shipping expenses, but sometimes help out. We will be
loading a container straight from our warehouse with no trucking expense.
Sometimes a request can come in and go out within a week. Other times like
this SL shipment, it may be months to prepare and then more months in
transit and importation.


“Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting.” Anon.

Mel West

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