PET MO-Columbia update 3/3/14

PETs built since January 1, 2014 – 196

CONGRATULATIONS TO HEIFER INTERNATIONAL on its 70th Anniversary!! Heifer and PET have some common threads. Both are faith based NGO’s. Dan West, a Church
of the Brethren dairy farmer, started Heifer. Larry Hills and I were both United Methodists, and I was a dairy farmer. Both Heifer and PET have invested many of their resources in following the wars and disasters of the world. Heifer rebuilds the animal populations in areas hit by war, earthquakes, disease, floods, poverty, etc. PET rebuilds leg-handicapped lives in areas similarly hit.

I am indebted to Heifer for providing me the first opportunity to travel overseas on a mission effort. In 1966, as a volunteer, I raised the money for and delivered 25 pregnant dairy heifers to a Roman Catholic high school in Ciudad Quisada, Costa Rica. I was hooked on sharing our resources with those less fortunate.

Here are some major points about Heifer:

*** Started in 1938 as Dan West handed out reconstituted dried milk to the
refugees of the Spanish Civil War, and came up with the concept of “a cow,
not a cup.” He and his Church of Brethren dairy farmers began shipping
heifers to war-torn areas, asking the recipients to “pass on the gift.” Give
the first female offspring to another unfortunate person.

*** Heifer became registered in 1944, and made massive shipments of animals
to war-torn Europe as a part of the Marshall Plan.

*** In the 1970s, during which I served for 9 years on its board, Heifer was
donated a large tract of land at Perryville, AR, which became its working
ranch and training center, with the headquarters building in nearby Little
Rock (next to the President Bill Clinton Library). VISIT BOTH!

*** 1980’s- Heifer received the Presidential End Hunger Award from George H. W.

*** During my active volunteer years with Heifer I purchased (and was
donated) hundreds of beef and dairy animals, jacks, goats, fillies, bees,
sheep and swine, delivering them to Perryville for shipping overseas.

*** Heifer’s projects have served more than 105.5 million persons around the
world. In later years Heifer has also moved into teaching sustainable
agriculture, and especially in training low-income women for leadership and
food production.




“Human models are more vivid and more persuasive than explicit moral
commands.” – Daniel J. Boorstin


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