PET MO-Columbia update 2/24/14

Production to date in 2014 – 146

My Bible is filled with a lot of history, wisdom, truths and insights
into human nature. It also contains a delightful gathering of stories,
poems, parables and analogies. One of my favorites is the Genesis 8 story of
the rainbow after the flood. Christianity has long called that the “Rainbow
of Hope”, giving the promise of a new start after a disaster.

When Keith and Karen Jaspers began the mission to the desperately poor of
Nicaragua they called it Rainbow Network. That rainbow has two ends, one
resting in Nicaragua where some of God’s beautiful people need the resources
we here in the USA can provide. The other end of that rainbow rests in our
midst, where we have the resources to enable our sisters and brothers there
to build their own adequate life style, and the opportunity to live in
partnership with another culture.

The rainbow is that over-arching bond of love that comes in many
beautiful colors and ties us together as a part of God’s humanity. The
riches of both countries move back and forth in that rainbow. Their riches
of dreams and hopes, their sharing of their faith, the smiles and enthusiasm
of their beautiful children, and the measureable success of ventures thus
far, all feed our desire to share more.


Liberia HHIM young lady on Feb24 2006The “Rainbow of Hope” is a great analogy, and I think it applies equally well to PET. One end of that rainbow rests wherever a person in the developing world loses the use of a leg to something which is, for them, a
disaster. It is their personal “flood.” There the riches of that person’s dreams, visions, hope and personality await a connection, through that rainbow of logistics, with “the gift of mobility and hope.”

Noah sent out a dove to survey the land and see if the world was ready
for new life. The first time the bird returned empty beaked. The second time
the dove came back with an olive leaf in its beak. Noah knew the Earth was
ready to start over, and the Bible says he, “removed the covering from the

Liberia HHIM Mark Samaritan's Purse signFeb24 2006With a PET we remove the “covering” from the life of one who has lived a disaster. We say to them, “Go. The world is still there for you. Go and see what you can make of it.” We are the dove of love.

(With Mel’s theme of Rainbow, I went looking for a PET recipient picture. I have filed hundreds of pictures over the 14 years. I don’t remember them all, but I thought of this lady. Luckily I found it easily. She was
from a distribution organized by Mark Richard of Hope Haven International
with Samaritan’s Purse. HHI was one of our first distribution partners
and connected PET with Samaritan’s Purse before SM became a direct
partner. These are pictures Mark sent to us from Liberia in 2006. You’ll
find attached a young lady who is colorfully dressed complete with a big
smile and a picture of Mark at a SP sign. Mark was at the PET conference
last year and is on the medical advisory committee of PET Intl along with
some of our PET MO-Columbia volunteers. They all gave input on our new
seat designs. Enjoy, Kathy Maynard)


“Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent the
language in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we
remain mute.” – J. G. Ballard

Mel West

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