The RecognizeGood Say Thanks Austin Campaign


One of our volunteers, Tom Perkins, was one of the 2013 RecognizeGood Legends. The Legends program is a monthly award designed to recognize a community contributor, or Legend, who embodies the core beliefs of RecognizeGood through his or her extraordinary charitable actions. The monthly Legend may choose a registered nonprofit to receive a Pay-It-Forward donation through RecognizeGood. Tom chose PET-Austin and PET received a $1,000 donation in November.

Each January RecognizeGood has a “Say Thanks Austin” campaign to allow the community to express their gratitude by voting for Legends on the RecognizeGood website. The Legend with the most Say Thanks votes may again choose a nonprofit to receive his or her $10,000 Pay-It-Forward check. This year Tom placed third and PET-Austin received $1,500 as a result.

Just as we did with the first $1,000 donation, the $1,500 check will go into our building fund for the new building that hope will be constructed toward the end of this year or early next year.

Thanks so much to everyone that voted for Tom and PET-Austin.

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