PET carts from Twin Cities PET Affiliate reach Burundi

Pet cart ferdinandGreetings from Burundi!

We received the carts a couple of weeks ago and they are safely stowed away in a depot here in Bujumbura. So far we have delivered 5 of them, 2 to a hospital in the interior of Burundi and three to a centre for handicapped children called Gakwende which is also in the interior and is quite isolated. Attached are some photos taken at the aforementioned hospital. We will ask the pastor who looks after the children at Gakwende if he can take some pictures with his telephone and send them. Many thanks for the carts. They are a great hit with the children at the hospital who have difficulty getting around. The terrain at Gakwende is quite hilly and the paths are not paved so I am interested to find out how they manage. We also plan to give some away here in Bujumbura to some individuals who normally get around on their hands and backsides.

Keep up the good work!

Chris Carter
Daniele Despres
Foundation for the Development of Orthopaedics in Burundi

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