PET MO-Columbia update 2/10/14 – Earl Miner

PETs built in January, 2014 – 79

I ask a special favor of all who read this. Earl Miner, who designed the
PET, has now moved to a nearby nursing home because he has Alzheimer’s. PET
would not exist had Earl not designed it. Earl is a product designer with a
huge heart and a stress on simplicity. He and I have worked together for the
last 40 years building and shipping machines useful in the mission field.
PET will soon celebrate building and shipping 50,000 of the PETs Earl
designed. Few people in this world have had the impact upon the lives of the
“least of these” that Earl has had. He and his wife, Leona, raised a
wonderful family of their own, and also took in a number of foster children.
He has done all of that receiving no pay except for some expenses. The
Miners are big hearted people.

Let’s send a huge shower of cards, letters and note to Earl, NOW! Thank
him. Tell about your relationship to PET. Tell a story about a PET. The
Apostle Paul says we should “give due honor to those who should be honored.”
Here is your chance. Send to Earl Miner, c/o Christian Health & Rehabilitation of Lebanon North, 596 Morton Road, Lebanon MO 65536. Don’t put it off.

“Generosity gives assistance rather than advice.” – Vauvenargues

Mel West

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