PET cart enables Bridget to go and tell others about her faith

photo“I received this story and picture from Chris, our partner in Zambia on February 5th. Thank you!

“The young lady in the PET cart was sick for a long time and later was paralyzed from the waist down. When we went to visit the home where she lives with her mum and dad, we were very encouraged to hear Bridget say, “I am so glad I got the PET cart because now I can evangelize without waiting for anyone to help me move.” What was most exciting for Bridget PET Zambiame was that she was happy to evangelize. Many people would be happy to be mobile so that they can do their own things and meet their own needs but not this young lady who loves The Lord and wants to make Him known. We were also able to donate some dried fruits and some rice for her .”

GLOBAL AID NETWORK® Giving For Their Gain

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