PET MO-Columbia update 1/20/14

I find that over and over again, as I make PET presentations, write on my Facebook page, etc., that people most want to hear the stories about the real difference a PET makes in the lives of the recipients. Here are a few stories:

GuatemalaGFTW Mynor boy on Dec2013***Guatemala: Two children were disabled, and one had gotten a PET, then the
second. “Thank you so much for the PET vehicles! This is Mynor. He and his
sister Griselda both were sharing a child’s PET. Now they can play together.
Their mother said that she was so thankful and told us how the other PET
vehicle was increasing their strength and coordination. What a blessing to
play such a small part in this blessing! Thank you! From Guatemala – Thought you wanted to see the picture and the story. Rev. Ronald T. Davidson, President and COO, Gleaning for the World, Inc.” (See Mynor’s
picture attached received December 2013. Those of us who went to the PET
conference last September were very fortunate to hear from Rev. Ronald
Davidson in person. He was gracious enough along with other partners to
come and share about how PET is included in their mission work.)

***Swaziland: Ana Metiso lives alone in Timphisini, Swaziland. She crawls
and climbs to get in and out of her PET. She works from her PET selling
vegetables, goes to the market, and visits friends. “I’m in my cart every
day, all day.” she said with great joy.

*** Armenia: Garen received his PET through Americares. Because of this new
gift Garen is now able to do things that seemed completely impossible
before. He drives to his garden all on his own. He carries his tools in a
small trunk and transports seeds and harvest there too. He enjoys simply
riding his cart in the garden after a rain to get some fresh vegetables.

The PET inspired Garen to start applying for a job. He realized he was
mobile now. “I am sure I will be able to ride to my work. The PET is light,
fast, and easy to navigate. It also keeps me in good shape and helps me to
be physically active. Garen is extremely grateful to all the donors involved
in giving him his PET. “I want to thank everyone again for the work they do
in helping people, making their lives easier, and giving them hope.”


Those stories illustrate what PET is all about, changing the lives of our
less fortunate brothers and sisters. If you have given money to PET, or
volunteered in any way, claim those stories as your own, because they are.
Together we make a difference.


“A man, to be greatly good, must put himself in the place of another and of
many others; the pains and pleasures of his species must become his own”

— Percy Bysshe Sheley

Mel West


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