PET MO-Columbia update 1/6/13

A good December: Thanks to our generous donors PET MO-Columbia had its best December ever, with over $100,000 coming in via mailed checks. January is off to
a good start. About 1/3 of our yearly income arrives in the two months of
December and January. PET donations (including Advance online giving) that
came in to the office in 2013 totaled $407,020. Close to our best year for
PET donations which was 2011 with $427,830. With each $250 received we are
able to build and ship one PET to a US port or NGO warehouse. (Any amount spent on
assisting with overseas shipping is above the $250.)


I am sometimes asked our “secret” in fund raising. It is really quite
logical and simple:

(1) Do something worthwhile, that gets at some basic and crucial human
needs. Meet a high priority need. There are a lot of needs out there, but
some more important than others. We think what we are doing at 1908 Heriford
meets the command of Jesus to serve “the least of these.”

(2) Do it well. We do. Professional work. Excellent financial records.
Ongoing evaluations. We are thrifty, with volunteer workers, recycling, etc.

(3) Tell people about it. We do with our “Update,”, newsletter, and other

(4) Thank people who donate money, time, energy, skills. Inform them as to
how their donations were used. We work very hard at that. Our books and
files are open. We urge and invite visitors, individually or as groups.


FYI, it is minus ten degrees as I write this update from home. Sixty years
ago I was thawing pipes on my dairy farm on mornings like this. I do not
miss that experience.


“It is better to go fishing and think of God, than to go to church and think
of fishing.”

Mel West

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