Two PET carts from Twin Cities MN Affiliate reach Cambodia

The Cambodian Village Fund is happy to report that two PET carts arrived in Battambang, Cambodia in December 2013, and are now in the hands of two very happy and grateful people in rural Cambodia. These vehicles will provide mobility to two people who have lost the use of their legs.

Image1Or Ory, who lives in the rural village of Kaun Khlong, cannot walk without help because of a stroke. He is a 54‐year old farmer with 5 children (2 girls and 3 boys). He exercises every day to strengthen his body. The PET vehicle will help with his exercises and enable him to visit his neighbors and run errands. He is very happy and thankful to have the PET cart.

Image2The other cart went to Mrs. Chhean Uok, who lives in Prey Damrey, a rural village south of Battambang. 47‐year old Chhean cannot walk because of a blood condition that affects her legs. Her family has no land and is very poor. Her husband is a fisherman who works very hard to support his wife and 7 children. The PET cart will provide mobility so Chhean can help with the children and take some of the stress off her husband. They said they were very grateful to receive the cart.

This information was compiled by Sovechea, a monk who is one of our key people in Cambodia. Nancy and I will be in Cambodia during February when we will get more information and take more photos.

Thanks to everybody who made this happen. We are forever grateful.

Happy holidays,

Bill and Nancy
Cambodian Village Fund

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