PET MO-Columbia update 12/23/13

Goal to date: 1800 Actual to date: 1678

I am reading the excellent book, “The Boys in the Boat,” by Daniel James
Brown, It is about nine Americans in a college rowing team and their epic
quest for gold at the 1936 Olympics. On page 336 the author writes about
what it takes to have a great rowing team.

“Capitalizing on diversity is even more important when it comes to the
characters of the oarsmen. Good crews are good blends of personalities:
someone to lead the charge, someone to hold something in reserve, someone to
pick a fight, someone to make peace, someone to think things through,
someone to charge ahead without thinking. Somehow all this must mesh. That’s
the steepest challenge. Even after the right mix is found, each man or woman
in the boat must recognize his or her place in the fabric of the crew,
accept it, and accept the others as they are. It is exquisite when it all
comes together in just the right way. The intense bonding and the sense of
exhilaration that results from it are what many oarsmen row for, far more
than the trophies or accolades.”

George Pocock wrote in the book: “It’s a great art, rowing. It’s the
finest art there is. It is symphony in motion. And when you are rowing well
it is nearing perfection. And when you are near perfection, you’re touching
the divine. It touches the you of yous. Which is the soul.”


***What has that to do with PET? I think that the putting together of a
group of 100 or so volunteers working out of one shop to produce life
changing mobility devices for thousands in a hundred countries has some real
similarities. And when one of God’s “least of these” gets onto a PET and
finds a new life we have indeed touched the Divine! (That does not count
the many more volunteers who work from their home shops making PET specific
parts and feed the PET shop. Kathy)

That is what the New Year with PET will all be about–touching the


“Remember in 2014, that any day in which the sun comes up in the east will
be a good day.”

Mel West

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