PET MO-Columbia update 12/16/13

Goal to date: 1764 Actual to date: 1618

It has been my privilege to raise funds for various mission projects for
over 40 years. Some observations:

*** December and January are the two big months for income. About 1/3 of
donations come in during that Christmas and end-of-year giving.

*** I am constantly inspired by the generosity of moderate-to-low-income
people and churches. Small membership churches (often rural) far outgive the
larger churches on a per-member basis. Our goal is one PET ($250) per 100
members in the church. Smaller churches often exceed that by far, larger
churches, seldom.

*** Individuals often outgive foundations. Our largest foundation gift has
been $50,000, some years ago. But we have one man who donates metal parts
and checks who I would estimate has given (cash and PET parts) close to
$200,000 in his 13 years with PET. We have others like that.

*** Regular giving and faithfulness are important. Another couple has sent
$100 a month for at least 10 years — $12,000. A long-time friend has been
battling cancer, and has been in and out of the hospital so often — yet the
PET check endures.

*** Such are acts of agape love — we care for the family, and there are now
7,400,000,000 in our family.



We have now sent almost 44,000 PETs to leg-handicapped persons in 100
countries (see attached list). Those 44,000 PETs would make a line of PETs
about 44 miles long. Each PET has a different story to tell. IMAGINE driving
by, in your auto, that line of 44,000 PETs — 44,000 persons cranking
away–all different colors, races, creeds, sizes, shapes, conditions. As you
drive by each of them looks you in the eye, smiles, and says “Thank You” in
their language. And try to imagine that alongside them are families and
friends, who also give you a smile and a thumbs-up, for the gift of that PET
has also enhanced their lives.

Thank each and all for caring and sharing!


“The saddest aspect of the right-now is that science gathers knowledge
faster than society gathers wisdom.” Isaac Isimov

MEL WEST, Director Emeritus and Founder of PET MO-Columbia


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