Pull PET cart reaches Tata Conde at Hope Clinic, in Guinea, West Africa

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“I think there is a guy named Mel West who requested a report on this PET
that was rushed to a container months ago.

The little girl who received it is named Tata Conde she is around 12
years old and has never gone to school but really wants to. This PET
will allow her for the first time to attend school. She was pretty
excited. She had come before to try to get a PET, but I realized that
she could not pull the crank and sent her away until we had ordered a
Pull PET. We finally got it to N’Zao after months on the road. The guy
sitting on another PET is our PET promoter. He brings people to us all
the time who need a PET. His name is Moses.

I took another Pull PET away from my friend Ce’ Lucien and gave it to
Yanquai Gbogolamou. He is around 22 years old. Most people in his
village did not remember he existed. I had to make a couple of trips out
there to find the people who knew him. The day we got it assembled in
his village, young men pulled him up on the main road and then he was in
a huge crowd.

Thanks so much for the PETs and helping me to find the correct people to
thank. Jon”

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