PET MO-Columbia update 11/18/13

Goal to date: 1656 Actual to date: 1573

News alert: For years PET MO-Columbia has been a specially approved
mission/Advance project at the national level of the United Methodist
Church. Anyone can give thru this online avenue. Now on Dec. 3 they are
offering a matching opportunity for online gifts. The note below is posted
on our website under Help, Donate Online. Gifts given one month are
received at PET the next with a list of names, addresses and amount from
each. Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator

Dear PET Friends,
When you make an online donation on December 3 your gift will multiply! For one day only, on December 3, 2013 as part of UMC #GivingTuesday gifts made to our project through Advance #982665 will be matched*. As always, when you give to us through The Advance, 100 percent of your gift directly supports our ministry; overhead costs are covered through other channels.

Global Ministries will allocate the “matching funds” dollar for dollar up to the
first $500,000 in gifts to Advance projects received online on December 3, 2013,
between 12:00 a.m. EST and 11:59 p.m. A maximum of $10,000 per individual
gift to a project will be dispersed as matching funds. A project may receive a maximum
of $50,000 in matching funds.

Thank you so much for your faithful support and for doubling your impact by making a
generous gift on December 3. Sincerely, PET MO-Columbia

This link goes straight to our PET page:

*** Lunsar, Sierra Leone update: $5,650 has been received toward the
estimated shipping expense of a full overseas shipping container of 200
PETs. We hope to send the shipment soon.

*** PET Distribution in Guatemala April 5-12, 2014: Jeff Moran is still
looking to complete the Team.

These trips are a wonderful way to experience the joy of giving the gift of
mobility. Normally a couple of days are spent distributing PETs and the
other days in Guatemala are spent helping with different projects. These
projects could be either at the Hope Haven (our partners for the
distribution) shop in Guatemala or helping to install stoves, water filters,
bagging food for those in need, or doing whatever else is needed. While
there you will also see how The Container Project, also run from the
Columbia PET shop, helps to support these projects through refurbished
sewing machines, donated fabric, pots and pans, etc.. Those who have gone on
these trips have found them to be very rewarding. Please keep in mind when
you go on a trip like this that you must be flexible – it’s not what you do
but what you learn that makes the trip so worthwhile.

Estimated costs:
$800 Airfare (normally runs around $700-$800 from either St. Louis or Kansas
City to Guatemala City)
$ 10 Trip accident insurance (through General Board of Global Ministries, United
Methodist Church, $1.25/day)
$800 Lodging, food, and in-country transportation – ($80 – $100 per day)
$200 Other projects with which we will be helping

When estimating other costs remember you will need a passport. No special
vaccinations are necessary for this part of Guatemala. And of course, you’ll
need money if you want to buy souvenirs. This is the best estimate of costs
we have at this time.

*** PET MO-Columbia started PET in 1994. We are often asked about the other
places PETs are made. Most only make adult crank PETs, a few make the child or
Pulls, and we make all 3 versions. We adjust our production weekly total
and # of each model depending on funding and requests. Our volunteers
really like to build PETs and are cross trained to assemble different
models. Check out the PET Models page of our website if you have not seen
all 3. We have the capacity to build around 50 a week if the donations
matched our ability and requests received. The following is a listing of
registered (or in process) PET Affiliates, in order of their starting. The
numbers reported are their production for the quarter  July, August and
September 2013:

** PET Columbia 397
** PET Penny Farms, FL 125
** PET Texas-Brazos Vally 67
** PET East Jewett, NY 18
** PET Tampa, FL 36
** PET SW MO None reported
** PET Inland NW, WA 98
** PET Moundridge,KS 54
** PET San Antonio, TX 29
** PET Hawarden, IA 51
** PET Jacksonville, FL 23
** PET Holland, MI 27
** PET Maine, Lions 5
** PET Austin, TX 11
** PET Rio Grand Valley None reported
** PET East Michigan 66
** PET Memphis 31
** PET Saline 18
** PET Leighton, IA 99
** PET MN Twin Cities 13
** PET DeMotte, IN Closed for the quarter
** PET Utah 4
** PET Huntsville, AL 21



“Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life.” Bertolt Brecht

Mel West, Director Emeritus

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