PET TX-Brazos Valley container en route from Kolkata to Tuticorin, India

From November 2013 PET TX-Brazos Valley News:

We were contacted in May by the Lions of Lions District 324 B4 31, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India, with a request for a shipment of 15 Child P.E.T.s and 149 adult P.E.T.s. The ability to be granted an import certificate was delayed for several months until the Lions of District 322 B 1, of Kolkata, India stepped up and assisted in obtaining the necessary documentation. The shipment was finally accomplished in September with an expected delivery in Kolkata on the 8th of November. At that time the P.E.T.s will be shipped overland to Tuticorin, a distance of over 2,600 KM (1,615 miles). The San Antonio, Austin and Columbia, MO shops contributed 76 units to this shipment with the remainder from our shop. Due to additional transportation costs needed to move this shipment to its final destination the India Lions have asked if we could assist in the shipping charges. The India Lions are hopeful that Lions in Texas will help with the added shipping costs of $2,000. An article asking for donations was placed in the Texas Lions magazine. Donations made to help with the shipping may be made to the Brazos Valley P.E.T. shop with the donation designated to be applied to the India Lions P.E.T.

See PET Brazos Valley TX loads container for Lions District in India for photos of the container prepared for shipping.

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